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Families Moving Forward receives referrals for our residential service program through the Durham County Department of Social Services (DSS) Coordinated Intake Program.

If you are in need of housing assistance:

  1. Please call the DSS Coordinated Intake Program at 919-560-8000. The Housing Intake Coordinator will ask for basic information about the household and will complete an assessment to determine the most appropriate resource or program for the family.
  2. The Housing Intake Coordinator will stay in daily contact with local agencies to determine if openings are available and if prior referrals were successful.
  3. Families Moving Forward holds interviews for families referred through Coordinated Intake when there are openings in the program. If there are two adults in the family, both must attend the interview.
  4. At the end of the first interview, if the head of household is still interested, s/he is then given a list of steps that must be completed prior to moving in.